Uniland Development Company Acquires Property at 765 Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo

Amherst, NY – In a strategic acquisition, Uniland has announced that the company has purchased the property and building at 765 Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo previously owned and occupied by the Georgen-Mackwirth Co., Inc.  The 1.32-acre property and 23,266 SF building adds to Uniland’s acreage in the Elmwood-Hertel corridor which currently totals about 13 acres.

“Not that long ago, Elmwood-Hertel was an underutilized area in the City of Buffalo,” stressed Uniland’s CEO Michael J. Montante.  “We feel the neighborhood is welcoming of Uniland’s continued investment in the area and we are excited to embark on this next phase of growth in North Buffalo.”

No immediate plans for the building or land have been announced with the location being classified by Uniland as a “strategic acquisition” within the mixed-use community.

Following the development and sale of approximately 2.5 acres to People Inc. and 7 acres to the YMCA Buffalo Niagara, Uniland currently owns roughly 13 acres available for development in the Elmwood-Hertel corridor, including three of the four corner lots at Elmwood-Hertel.  The company is currently evaluating a variety of uses for the remaining acreage and is looking to attract additional retailers to the area.

The first new use in Uniland’s Elmwood-Hertel community, the People Inc. Health Services Building at 800 Hertel Avenue will soon be adding the ECMC Center for Dental Care, pending regulatory approvals.  Welcoming patients since 2021, the People Inc. Health Services Building is a healthcare hub with services from People Inc., Evergreen Health, ECMC Dental, and People First Mobility.

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