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3 Reasons Canadian Companies Are Expanding Into Buffalo

Are you a Canadian company based in Southern Ontario, exploring opportunities to expand your footprint and grow your business? If so, you might want to cast your eyes just across the border in Buffalo, New York. Buffalo has emerged as a hotspot for cross-border...

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How Office Space Needs Have Changed and What’s Next

As the world of work continues to evolve, so do the demands and expectations surrounding office spaces. Once dominated by cubicles and fluorescent lighting, the traditional office has given way to a new era of employee-centric design. Today's office spaces foster...

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Buffalo Businesses Are Reimagining Office Workspaces and Industrial Horizons

Buffalonians enter 2023 and the upcoming spring with a sense of appreciation that the pandemic is behind us and with curiosity about what is on the horizon. Business owners are considering what their offices should look like in this new era. Equally important, warehousing and manufacturing companies are exploring ways to improve operations and strengthen their supply chain resiliency with newer, more efficient facilities.

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The Benefits of Leasing Office Space

Discover how leasing office space empowers businesses with agility, cost savings, and access to premium locations. Choosing the right office space can fuel growth, foster creativity, and elevate your organization to new heights

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Reimagine Office Space

7 Advantages of Leasing in Suburban Office Parks

As business owners consider where to locate their office, an initial evaluation of both downtown and suburban office space is typical. In this article, we explore some of the advantages that a suburban business park offers to both business owners and employees.

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Buffalo Suburban Office Parks

What is Mixed Use Development?

A transformation is underway in Buffalo, New York, and its suburbs creating demand for mixed-use developments.  Projects that blend residential, commercial, and recreational uses.  The original development model of diverse activity in one location, as seen in...

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Uniland Mixed Use Development

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