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Uniland has decades of experience in commercial real estate and rental property management. Overseeing more than 8 million square feet of space, we not only maintain the appearance and operations of our properties, but also provide 3rd Party Property Management services to organizations throughout the Buffalo and Western New York region.

Let Uniland Property Management Services Take Care of Your Real Estate Assets

Commercial and residential real estate management is a responsibility that requires time and expertise to properly preserve the value and performance of the asset. Effective property management contributes to operational profitability and, if not performed properly, can cause needless disruption for an organization. Owners – whether they have one building in Buffalo, a campus of many buildings across Erie County, or multiple locations – can rely on Uniland Property Management Services to safeguard your assets.

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As an owner and manager of over 300 buildings serving more than 400 clients across Western New York, Uniland has a deep understanding of what is required to provide a clean, safe, comfortable and reliable work environment.

By partnering with Uniland Property Management, you have access to a full staff of employees in addition to a stable of dependable service vendors who collaborate to provide emergency, general and preventative maintenance. From small repairs to large-scale system maintenance and emergencies, Uniland’s Property Management will professionally manage it all for you, at a rate that works for your needs and budget.

Experienced Team

Through serving customers and managing properties in Buffalo and Western NY for more than 50 years we have earned a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Preventative Maintenance

We mitigate against disruptions to your business by making small repairs to prevent major ones.

Rapid Response

Our facilities management staff delivers among the fastest response times in the industry leveraging digital tools for status updates, work orders and additional resources.

Uniland Clients Can Access Their Account Online

How Uniland’s Tenant Portal Helps You Get Work Done

  • Make payments online
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Review account activity and invoices
  • Submit and review maintenance requests
  • View announcements
  • Opt-in to receive text notifications
  • Access helpful building amenity information
  • Desktop & mobile compatible
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Value-Add Client Offerings from Uniland

Uniland is more than just a provider of office, retail, or industrial space.

When you become a Uniland client, you have access to a host of other services that can help your business.

Let us connect you with the following services:

  • Temporary or Overflow Office Space
  • Meeting Rooms & Event Space
  • Hospitality Needs
  • Luxury Apartments

Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Uniland Is Now Installing iWave Air Purification Systems Across Western New York

As Western New York’s largest and most reputable builder, developer, owner, and manager of commercial real estate, Uniland is the first company in the region to implement the iWave air purification system on a large scale at our own facilities – and now we’re installing iWave across Western New York.

Learn More About The Benefits of Installing iWave at Your Facility

To date, Uniland Property Management has completed iWave installations on over 1.5 million square feet of office space for an estimated 125 organizations, spanning Fortune 500 companies to some of Buffalo’s fastest-growing businesses.

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What Should I Look for in a Property Manager when Leasing Office Space?

While factors such as location, size, and style may be higher up on the checklist, quality property management can mean the difference between a productive or disrupted work environment.

Learn How Property Management Protects Your Business

Proven Results over Years – Many leases run from 5 to 10 years and office buildings are active structures that require care and vigilance.  By performing routine and seasonal maintenance, good property management ensures that your office will run smoothly with few interruptions to your business. A favorite mantra among Uniland’s Property Management leadership is, “The best way to handle a problem is not to have it.”

Control Operating Expenses – Beyond full-service maintenance, a strong property management team can also assist with minimizing the expenses associated with your office space. Business owners can uncover cost savings, optimize building and equipment systems, and better manage operating costs.  Additional property management services can include:

  • Property budget and accounting management,
  • Property insurance and real estate tax management,
  • Contracting for snow removal, landscaping and cleaning services, and
  • Utilities management.

A Vetted Network – Businesses are important places filled with valuable physical and intellectual property. You would not want an unauthorized person in your facility, especially after hours.

Fast Response Times – Beyond the day-to-day maintenance of your facility, property management should be able to respond and deliver if you ever have an emergency.  While preventive maintenance can mitigate against system failures, issues still arise. When they do, having a dedicated property management firm can mean the difference between a temporary disruption and a long-term displacement.

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Uniland, by far, is the most professional and highly regarded landlord that we've ever experienced.”


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Property Management Resources

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