Property Management

Uniland provides real estate and rental property management services with a personal touch. We not only maintain the appearance and operations of our properties, we also maintain constant contact with our customers to ensure we’re doing everything we can to support the success of their business.

  • Experienced team

    Through serving customers and managing properties in Buffalo and Western NY for more than 45 years we have earned a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

  • Preventive maintenance

    We mitigate against disruptions to your business by making small repairs to prevent major ones.

  • Rapid response

    Our facilities management staff delivers among the fastest response times in the industry leveraging digital tools for status updates, work orders and additional resources.

Uniland owns and manages over 130 properties serving more than 400 businesses in the Buffalo, NY, and Rochester areas, each having a dedicated Property Manager to support their needs. Our team of in-house building management professionals works with a group of approved vendors to provide comprehensive services and fast response times. As an owner of buildings, we take a long-term view toward maintaining rental properties at their highest level to support their value and satisfy our clients. Uniland’s team of architects, construction managers and property managers work collaboratively to analyze life-cycle costs, durability and maintenance requirements for all building components. We’re also able to leverage the size of our portfolio to negotiate volume discounts for supplies and equipment and low utilities rates in order to keep occupancy costs for our customers as low as possible.

Let Uniland Property Management Take Care of Your Real Estate Assets

Owning and managing commercial or residential real estate is a responsibility that requires time and expertise to properly preserve the value and performance of the asset. Effective property management contributes to operational profitability and, if not performed properly, can cause needless disruption for an organization. Owners – whether they have one building in Buffalo, a campus of many buildings across Erie county or multiple locations – can rely on Uniland Property Management services to safeguard their interests.

Let us Operate or Maintain Your Property

Douglas Bolling, Division Manager

Uniland, by far, is the most professional and highly regarded landlord that we've ever experienced.

Douglas Bolling, Division Manager

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