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How Property Management Protects Your Business

Finding a Property Development Partner

As business owners consider new office space, one topic that may not initially come up is property management. While factors such as location, size, and style may be higher up on the checklist, quality property management can mean the difference between a productive or disrupted work environment. From reducing capital expenses and business downtime to creating and maintaining an optimal office environment, a great property management team can support your organization. Let us explore some of the possibilities.

1. It’s Complicated

Office buildings are active structures that require care and vigilance. As with cars and other complex machinery, they feature an array of plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems that need ongoing maintenance to avoid more costly repairs. A favorite mantra among Uniland’s property management leadership is, “The best way to handle a problem is not to have it.”

By performing routine and seasonal maintenance, good property management ensures that your office will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If there is a plumbing issue, they will see that it gets resolved. Your operation will run smoother and will likely spend less time, money, and worry wasted on issues concerning the building you occupy.

2. Control Operating Expenses

Just as an accountant helps clients with their taxes, property management companies can help business owners operate their offices. They take care of all aspects of the property, building, and office environments so you can focus on your business. Beyond full-service maintenance, a strong property management team can also assist with minimizing the expenses associated with your office space.

Additional property management services include:

  • Property budget and accounting management,
  • Property insurance and real estate tax management,
  • Contracting for snow removal, landscaping and cleaning services, and
  • Utility management.

By trusting an organization with a deep knowledge of these subjects, such as Uniland Property Management, business owners can uncover cost savings, optimize building and equipment systems, and better manage operating costs. Your organization will benefit from the buying power, scale and relationships nurtured over decades of working to meet clients’ needs.

3. A Vetted Network

Businesses are important places filled with valuable physical and intellectual property. You would not want an unauthorized person in your facility, especially after hours. By working with a reputable property management firm, you can have peace of mind knowing that only approved personnel and their preferred vendors are entering your office space.

Managing an office property is a complicated job with many variables. The majority of Uniland’s property managers have been in the field for more than 25 years. They are intimately familiar with the properties, actively foster a relationship with their point-of-contact, and are extremely responsive to customer requests. Due to this dedication, Uniland’s property management services have received a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating.

4. Urgent Requests

Beyond the day-to-day maintenance of your facility, property management is at your side should you ever have an emergency. In 2017, Uniland’s property management team handled over 14,000 work order requests with an average response time of nine minutes for emergency calls. During one extremely cold Saturday, a client’s boiler went down, creating a risk of frozen pipes and danger to the building’s water and heating systems. The property manager noticed the issue while on-site, quickly called a technician and the issue was resolved within hours. The business owner, away at a ski resort, only found out about it after it had been resolved without any damage or disruption to their operation.

While preventive maintenance can mitigate against system failures, issues still arise. When they do, having a dedicated property management firm can mean the difference between a temporary disruption and a long-term displacement.

From Sales and Leasing to Property Management, Uniland has decades of experience supporting businesses. Contact us to discuss the services that are best for your business.


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How Property Management Protects Your Business

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