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As Businesses Reopen, Uniland Champions Indoor Air Quality Solution

Jun 14, 2021

WNY’s First Major Deployment of Enhanced Ventilation Technology

Amherst, NY – Uniland Development Company, Western New York’s largest and most reputable builder, developer, owner, and manager of commercial real estate, is pleased to announce the successful completion of its first phase of installations of iWave®, a state-of-the-art air purification system, at its facilities.

The iWave technology, which was first used in healthcare and life sciences buildings, is now being deployed nationwide in broader commercial and residential environments to improve indoor air quality. The system utilizes patented technology to create equal amounts of positive and negative ions which when injected into the air, breakdown passing pollutants and gases into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor. In addition to serving as a defense against COVID respiratory droplets, the iWave system also ionizes the air to protect against bacteria, mold, other viruses like the flu, as well as allergens and smoke.

Uniland is the first company in the region to implement an air purification solution like iWave on this large of a scale. To date, the company has completed installations at 16 of its largest facilities across Western New York.  The buildings using iWave house an estimated 125 Uniland customers spanning Fortune 500 companies to some of Buffalo’s fastest growing businesses.

“From the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, Uniland’s Property Management team began researching, testing and assessing the best way to address indoor air quality concerns,” said John Dieter, director of Uniland Property Management. “The iWave rollout enhances not only the health and safety of our current facilities, but we plan to continue to expand this effective technology across our portfolio as well as for third-party clients.”

The announcement from Uniland comes on the heels of revised guidance from the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that COVID can spread through the air and that building ventilation and filtration systems are critical to public health.

“While COVID brought many changes, one thing that has remained the same is Uniland’s commitment to our clients,” said Michael J. Montante, CEO, Uniland Development Company. “This is the latest example of our customer-focused approach since Uniland’s founding over 45 years ago.”

The deployment of iWave air purification systems is Uniland’s latest response to the coronavirus pandemic.  Previously, the company implemented prominent building signage, self-cleaning NanoSeptic covers on high-touch surfaces like door handles, and enhanced cleaning procedures.

Property owners and facility managers looking to obtain an installation quote for the iWave system in their building can contact Uniland by visiting our iWave Installation page.

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