The Bonadio Group – Office Space Amherst, NY

Property Description

The Bonadio Group | 100 Corporate Parkway, Suite 200, Amherst, NY 14226

Client Objective

Consolidate multiple Buffalo locations to reduce inefficiencies that were limiting capacity for growth.  The Bonadio Group (Bonadio), upstate New York’s largest independent provider of accounting, consulting, and financial services, and a Uniland tenant since 2003, merged with the CPA firm Gaines Kriner Ellicott (GKE) in 2013. GKE had three offices throughout Western New York, including 24,000 square feet at Uniland’s University Corporate Centre (UCC) in Amherst, NY.  Bonadio, meanwhile, was located at another Uniland property about six miles away.


Bonadio’s leadership team determined the best course of action was to consolidate the majority of their Buffalo teams in one location (the East Aurora location remains). Uniland’s architects proposed to Bonadio that they reconfigure GKE’s space at UCC and, with the advent of a vacant suite on the same floor, use the entire floor for their new, consolidated base of operations. Construction began in March 2014. Uniland managed the design, construction and logistics of Bonadio’s customized,
35,000-square-foot suite, and devised an extensive four-phase project:
1. Renovate the vacant half of the second floor while GKE was conducting business
2. Relocate the GKE staff to temporary office space at UCC
3. Complete the renovations on the second floor
4. Move Bonadio’s team into the new suite in UCC


A Customized Office Suite Worthy of Upstate New York’s Fastest Growing Firm

The Bonadio Group CPA firm moved into its new regional headquarters office in August 2014, reuniting nearly 120 employees, including those from its affiliates Athena SWC, Gemko Information Group, and MS Consultants. The project was completed on time and without a discernable negative impact on client operations or revenue. “After evaluating our options, we concluded that expanding at Corporate Parkway was the right move for our newly combined Buffalo staff,” said Thomas Bonadio, CEO and managing partner. “By expanding into 35,000 SF on one floor, we can create the best atmosphere for visitors and excellent work conditions for our people. Uniland customized a space that we can be proud of, brings the team together, and provides the flexibility to grow.”

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