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7 Advantages of Leasing in Suburban Office Parks

office park Amherst, NY

As business owners consider where to locate their office, an initial evaluation of both downtown and suburban office space is typical. In this article, we explore some of the advantages that a suburban business park offers to both business owners and employees.

1. Convenient Commuting

Suburban office parks are usually located along major thoroughfares and highways, offering employees an efficient commute. The average American commute has increased nearly 20 percent since 1980, an unwelcomed trend by the workforce and environmentalists. As the economy continues to rebuild from the COVID-19 era, the U.S. Census Bureau projects suburbs growing faster than cities, returning to a decades-long trend, that could affect the vacancy rate of the suburban office market. The emerging millennial generation of employees are settling down in the suburban area surrounding cities. By selecting a well-situated location, employees can spend more time growing the business and less time stuck in traffic.

2. See the Sign

A well-situated office not only offers convenience for employees and visitors, it can also be a branding tool.

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