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Where to Locate a Business in Western NY

Commercial Real Estate in Western NY

It is a great time to start a new business or expand your operations in the Buffalo region. From bustling city neighborhoods and charming village shopping districts to suburban office parks with growing Fortune 500 companies, there are many commercial real estate options in Western New York. With many choices, you may wonder where to locate your business in Buffalo. To help you research the right location for your organization’s office, warehouse or retail store, Uniland created the first detailed Buffalo, NY, region demographic report, with key data and statistics to help you make this important decision for your business.

This free demographic analysis of the Buffalo area addresses key questions related to,

  • The population of Buffalo, NY, and Erie County, NY,
  • Average income in Buffalo and Western New York,
  • The varying cost of Class A office space for rent,
  • Relevant Erie County tax maps, and more.

Based on the data, you can explore critical questions, including,

How will property taxes affect your bottom line?
Property taxes vary across the region. For example, some municipalities have school districts that provide a “homestead” tax rate. In these locations, residential property owners pay school taxes at a lower rate than commercial property owners. Yet business owners in those districts feel the benefits of the location and services are worth it and enhance their company’s success

How does age & average household income factor into the target market for your customers & employees?
Average ages in Western New York municipalities vary. The youngest population is located in the City of Buffalo, which also happens to be in the bottom percentile of household income. Rural Elma is home to the oldest population and has an annual household income more than two times that of Buffalo. These two completely different demographics could greatly affect the prosperity of any new business that decides to locate a storefront or office in these areas. This data also can highlight different specific needs of the local customers and alter the company’s marketing efforts.

Click here to download the full guide

Together with WNY municipal data, this Buffalo region demographics & population data offers a detailed narrative of the towns, villages, and cities in our region. This regional data was compiled by Uniland Development Company to help business owners find their ideal location and opportunity right here in Western New York.

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