Special Report, “Where to Locate Your Business in the Buffalo Region: A Demographic Dossier,” is Published to Assist Business Owners from Outside the Market

Uniland Development Company has released a special report for business owners, “Where to Locate Your Business in the Buffalo Region: A Demographic Dossier,” that compiles and compares key data of 15 local municipalities such as population, business penetration, leasing costs, and tax rates.

Buffalo, New York Skyline


In recent years, as the Buffalo region has become a popular destination for businesses and entrepreneurs to originate, relocate or expand, many of those business owners are from outside the area. This report familiarizes them – be it start-ups, mid-sized or Fortune 100 companies – with the geographic and demographic details of Buffalo and 14 nearby towns and villages.

While the guide is comprehensive, it is also easy to read and evaluate with clear-cut maps, graphs and statistics. The report does not conclude which Buffalo-area cities and towns are best for business. Rather, it helps the decision maker make an informed decision when selecting an office, warehouse or retail location that suits the unique needs of the business. The “Demographic Dossier” is useful for business owners as well as national site selectors and commercial real estate brokers.

“The Buffalo Niagara region has seen growing interest and investment from a range of industries and companies,” says Thomas A. Kucharski, President and CEO of Invest Buffalo Niagara. “This guide is a helpful resource for decision-makers seeking to gain a better sense of the business landscape in Erie County.”

This free guide answers key questions related to:

  • The population of Buffalo and Erie County,
  • Average income in Buffalo and Western New York,
  • The varying cost of Class A office space,
  • Municipal, school and commercial tax rates, and more.

Location is the most important factor in real estate for a reason. This definitive guide will give readers what they need to know to set up shop in the most suitable Buffalo-area neighborhood.

Click here to download the full guide

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