Uniland Highlights Shift in Buffalo Workspaces

The office environment in Buffalo is evolving and Uniland is helping businesses adjust to the changes. Driven by a war for talent and changing work-life integration preferences, companies and employees are seeking new workspace environments.

HANSA meeting & event space Buffalo, NY

This shift from private offices and cube farms to more open and collaborative workspaces is a highlight of The Buffalo News’ Prospectus 2020. An article on this trend features HANSA, Uniland’s new shared office and coworking space under construction in downtown Buffalo.

“We’ve designed areas for multiple uses to provide the most flexibility to meet the demands of today’s workforce. You choose where to work based on what you’re doing,” says Uniland Architectural Interior Designer Mary Hazlett, who is leading the interior design of HANSA. “Every work zone has a design focus to create its own look and feel. Office design is no longer a one-size-fits-all model.”

The shift in office design is reflected in the work of many Uniland clients, including Sodexo, Great Lakes Dental Technologies and Strategic Financial Solutions.

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