Demographic Data & Analysis of Buffalo, NY 


Where to Locate a Business in the Buffalo Region

A Demographic Report by Uniland Development (2020)

You’ve surely heard that axiom before and it is of the utmost importance when selecting a Greater Buffalo metropolitan or suburban neighborhood for your business. In your marketing mix, “place” is the only one of “The Four P’s” that can feel truly invariable. With the success of your business on the line, location simply cannot be taken lightly

How can one determine which Western New York community is the best choice to locate a new business or expand an existing one? Demographics combined with local municipality data can give us a greater understanding of the individual towns, villages, and cities that make up the greater Buffalo area. This complete demographic guide to major Western New York neighborhoods will help you make an informed, datadriven decision on where to locate your business. In combining the detailed statistics of each area, some signi icant data points were uncovered. This report breaks down trends and correlative statistics and then displays detailed data from select municipalities in the Greater Buffalo area.

Buffalo Demographics