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Top Features of Renting Office Space in Suburban Office Parks

Kevin Szmania

By: Kevin Szmania

Director of Leasing

As business owners consider where to locate their office, an initial evaluation of both downtown and suburban office space is typical. In this article, we explore some of the advantages that suburban business campuses offer to both business owners and employees.

  1. Convenient Commuting

    Suburban office parks are usually located along major thoroughfares and highways, offering employees an efficient commute. The average American commute has increased nearly 20 percent since 1980, a trend unwelcomed by the workforce and environmentalists. As the economy continues to rebuild from the Great Recession, the U.S. Census Bureau projects suburbs growing faster than cities, returning to a decades-long trend. The emerging millennial generation of employees are settling down in the suburbs. By selecting a well-situated location, employees can spend more time growing the business and less time stuck in traffic.

  2. See the Sign

    A well-situated office not only offers convenience for employees and visitors, it can also be a branding tool. Suburban offices offer businesses of various sizes the opportunity to prominently highlight their local presence. Many have high visibility and signage opportunities for businesses to alert passing motorists of their presence. Such physical presence can make your organization top of mind for prospective local employees, clients and business partners.

  3. Park in Peace

    One of the biggest challenges about a downtown location is parking. On-site parking is rare and employees and guests are inconvenienced by searching and paying for parking. The average motorist spends 17 hours a year searching for parking. In contrast, suburban office parks offer abundant on-site and free parking. Some sites offer underground or covered parking spaces that are commonly used for company executives, visitors and employees of the month.

  4. Vibrant Variety

    Compared to downtown locations, suburban office parks offer greater inventory options for businesses. Suburban offices also may be more affordable than downtown alternatives. There are various sites and configurations to choose from, presenting businesses with more choices to find the right office for their organization. Due to their location on strategically planned sites, suburban offices offer more expansion opportunities than densely located, land-locked urban alternatives. There is room for growth within or beyond the office walls.

  5. All about Amenities

    Many suburban office parks offer amenities that enhance the experience for businesses and their clients. Some of these include,

    • Conference rooms for company meetings, events and training workshops,
    • Fitness facilities to promote employee wellness,
    • Day care facilities for the convenience of working parents, and
    • Cafés, delis and convenience stores for quick and healthy meal options
  6. Grass is Greener

    Offices should be a welcoming environment for employees and visitors. Suburban office parks provide a more spacious, campus-like environment for businesses. There are more trees, plants and grass to bring natural beauty into the workplace experience. With well-manicured landscaping in a park-like setting, suburban offices offer places for an outdoor lunch break, walking, jogging, a game of Frisbee, or other activities.

  7. Stop and Shop

    In addition to offering a streamlined commute, suburban offices are close to a range of popular retail establishments. By being located near major shopping districts featuring restaurants, shops, and medical practices, employees can enjoy a greater work-life balance outside the office. Suburban offices enable more seamless movement from the house to the office and all the points in between. Businesses can enjoy both on-site amenities as well as those a short trip away.

    Corporate business parks are a smart choice for practical office space. From convenience and amenities to open space and room for growth, suburban office parks have many advantages for today’s businesses. With a range of sizes and options, you can find the right fit for your organization in a great location. When you are considering what the right office environment might be for your enterprise, contact Uniland Sales & Leasing. We are experts in helping businesses find the right facility for their requirements, goals and growth.

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