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Why do 99% of our customers recommend Uniland?  Our property management services are dedicated to total customer satisfaction.

Uniland’s Property Management team has risen to the top of the industry by focusing on exceptional spaces and exemplary service.  Since 1974, Uniland has perfected the art and science of property management, from anticipatory customer service to personalized, 24/7 on-call repairs. This is why we are ranked #1 by Buffalo’s leading business news source.

Uniland’s dedicated team of more than 100 specialized professionals provides prompt and efficient service to all of our 400 clients throughout Buffalo and Rochester, with the goal of uninterrupted business operations.  Our preventative, curative and emergency maintenance services are delivered by a team of certified mechanics employing the latest technology to ensure 20 to 30-minute average response times for all repair requests and five minutes for emergency calls.

Our property managers are focused on developing personal relationships with our tenants, providing one-on-one service and becoming familiar with your staff and your company’s needs.  Tenants also benefit from Uniland’s continued investments to enhance its properties, especially with energy efficiency and green initiatives.

Uniland considers it a point of pride as a good corporate citizen to maintain our properties to the highest standard, continually improving common areas and exterior landscaping.  We design and build for the life cycle of each building, closely monitoring trends with a constant focus on reducing operating costs while maintaining superior work environments.

As the largest developer in Western New York, Uniland’s 96% tenant renewal rate is far above the industry average at our more than 130 properties.  We believe that’s because our word is just as important as our work.

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For more information, please contact Uniland Property Management at 716.834.5000.