Property Management

While many companies focus first on attracting tenants, Uniland stepped to the front of the industry by focusing on exceptional spaces and exemplary service to retain tenants and gain their referrals.


Over the past 40 years Uniland has perfected the art and science of property management. Anticipatory customer service, preventive maintenance and a dedicated team of more than 50 specialized professionals work together to assure full support and minimal distraction for tenants.

Client Satisfaction

As the largest developer in Western New York, Uniland manages 150 properties serving more than 400 tenant businesses - each as important as the next. Uniland enjoys tenant retention far above industry averages and 98 percent of Uniland tenants surveyed say they would recommend Uniland to others.

Fast, Personal Service

Personalized, 24/7 on-call service guarantees a friendly, experienced voice with answers. A recent survey shows average response times of 20-30 minutes from our team of mobile mechanics and five minutes from our on-site maintenance staff.

Complete Team

The entire Property Management staff shares information and responsibility, challenging themselves daily to make the region's best team even better. Uniland's professionals range in disciplines from engineering and interior design to provide the most efficient and comfortable workspace, to property management and maintenance that preserves the function and aesthetics of the space. Uniland designs and builds for the lifecycle of each building, ensuring space and energy efficiency from the first blueprints. Operational, tax and insurance administrators closely monitor all costs and trends for ways to reduce operating costs while maintaining superior work environments.

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