The property manager is responsible for maintaining and creating value in real estate property consistent with Uniland’s objectives, which will be achieved through the efficient balance of tenant and owner relations, financial budgeting and expense control, risk management and all other operational aspects of the property. Maintaining the highest standard of professional ethics and performance quality are crucial components of this position. 

Additionally, the property manager strives to create loyalty among customers by providing a superior level of service and by creating and maintaining positive customer relationships. This position also plays a key role in interdepartmental communication and coordination to ensure each process and department exceeds customer expectations.

The property manager directly manages a portion of the Uniland and third-party portfolios under management contract and is responsible for creating value for the customer, company, and department. 

The qualified candidate should possess experience in property management for any or all of the following,

  • office,
  • residential,
  • condominium, and
  • third party contracts.

The candidate should also be experienced in building operations, building asset management, and budget management. 

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