Real Estate Development

Commercial real estate development is a multi-faceted complex process, but it can be accomplished with one call to Uniland Development Company.

Organizations may become overwhelmed with all the issues- site acquisition, property rezoning, regulatory approvals, planning and design, financing and finally construction. As a result, what starts as an important business requirement quickly becomes a significant distraction from the core business. Uniland offers comprehensive solutions and the accompanying experience of having developed more than 13 million square feet in the past four decades.

Site Acquisition

Uniland offers clients two options in finding an ideal site: 1) a choice of over 400 acres of Development-Ready property, which can accommodate office, flex, and industrial businesses as well as schools and faith-based organizations, or 2) the ability to undertake a new site search and even finance the acquisition of another parcel.

Property Rezoning and Entitlements

Uniland has extensive expertise in coordinating rezonings and the entitlement process of local municipalities. Our firm is well-versed in New York's State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and can even host community outreach programs and provide public relations services on behalf of clients.

Planning and Design

Uniland's in-house group of design professionals are considered "developer's architects" in that they maximize client value within the design process. The Planning and Design team is equally comfortable working with a client's pre-selected architect in devising cost saving ideas or managing local regulatory requirements.


For clients who prefer to keep real estate off their balance sheet, Uniland will both develop and own a property and lease it back to the client. Uniland clients have also saved as much as 20% of construction costs by utilizing our extensive knowledge of local, state and federal economic development programs.


Uniland specializes in the Design/Build approach to construction, which benefits clients in the form of reduced construction costs, faster delivery times, and minimal distraction in managing the construction process.


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