Community Commitment

Uniland believes in Western New York

Community commitment means much more than designing and building signature properties or creating and supporting hundreds of jobs each year. Uniland was founded in Western New York and maintains a daily promise to build a better community.

Some financial donations are much-heralded by their recipients, others go completely unremarked. For Uniland, the reason for every gift is foremost to make a difference. The firm helps to fund more than 160 local organizations including education, environmental, human services and cultural causes.

Community Commitment

Backing dollars with dedication

Uniland associates together volunteer for thousands of hours of service annually from board rooms to Boy Scout camps. The company recognizes that the fabric of the community is woven by its people and is generous with the considerable expertise of its staff. After-hours volunteer work is not a requirement at Uniland, but the company consistently attracts individuals who wouldn't have it any other way.

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